Residential Construction



At the Mick Olsen Corporation, we believe that doing as much work in-house as possible enables us to provide you with the best value for your dollar. In 1994, we came to the conclusion that one of our biggest obstacles was relying on outside firms to handle our excavation. Our solution was to start our own excavating division, MOC Excavating. This allows us to have much greater control over the construction process. In turn we can deliver the end result much faster, with better value and to a higher standard of workmanship.

Today, MOC Excavating offers you a comprehensive range of services including:

• Land clearing
• Grading
• Fine grading
• Foundation excavation and backfill
• Road construction
• Geothermal heat pump installation
• Curtain drains

In addition, we are licensed to design and install all forms of septic systems.

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